Your clients don’t just buy what you do, they buy why you do it. And that’s why Woden is in the storytelling business. Are you ready for us to help tell your story?

We’re artists and scientists

We’re pretty confident in our chops and the value of what we do, but perhaps the financial ROI of a well-told story remains a bit murky to you (or whoever signs the checks). Understandable, since 21st century marketing is certainly a brave new world with infinite new uncertainties and channels to navigate. However, one advantage of this at-times-chaotic environment is the easy availability of data that can vouch for the efficacy of any marketing activity you undertake.


Whether working with a fresh-faced start-up or an established firm looking for a new approach or to launch a new product, Woden first captures the core motivations that birthed the effort along with the vital competencies that drive the brand. And, because every firm is looking to grow in the future, we stay ever mindful of the next chapter of your story, building the narrative from where you are now to where you want to be.


Woden knows that people don’t necessarily buy just your product or service. Instead, they buy why you do it. This question is crucial for any enterprise, and Woden works with you to answer it through the development of your own StoryKernel™, which is the essence of your brand’s personality. The insights unearthed along the way tell a tale that is at once winning, lucrative, and memorable. And the result of this work is a comprehensive, actionable list that touch all parts of your organization — from sales to human resources.


Your story and the visual elements that support it go hand-in-hand. Woden helps your prospects envision your brand story by developing your StoryKernel, the essence of your brand’s personality, and designing a visual gestalt around it. Our Envision product crafts a visual identity that advances your brand story through logo design, font selection, color choices and brand guide that ensures every interaction with your brand is immersive and consistent.


The reality of properly telling a business’ story is much more complex and challenging than one might imagine. We’ve seen this first hand – we have shared in countless winning marketing campaigns on behalf of our clients and for our own ventures, but we’ve also seen quite a few misses along the way. With Amplify™, we take your message and, well, amplify it using the current social media tools. This service includes original blog posts, and social media management. We keep your story freshly present in the places where your prospects will engage with it.


It’s one thing for people to hear your story. It’s another for them to engage with it. We understand how important it is to nurture your audience through the customer acquisition process, and have crafted campaigns that convert the biggest skeptic into the most ardent evangelist. With Engage, we build compelling sequences that guide customers all the way from a landing page through e-mail sequences that engender a level of excitement for your business impossible to match.


In the oral tradition, each person who heard a story would add their own perspective when retelling it. This collaborative approach to storytelling ensured that stories evolved into their best, most compelling form. Woden’s StorySeminar taps into this same power of group storytelling. In both our traveling series or in a custom session for your brand, Woden’s story architects will help you develop your story, and facilitate the group in refining it to the most engaging form.

"Your brand is a story, a set of emotions and expectations and a stand-in for how we think and feel about what you do.”

Seth Godin, author and entrepreneur

"I would recommend Woden to anyone — except my competitors!"

Jay Altman, Arenus

"Tell me the facts and I’ll learn. Tell me the truth and I’ll believe. But tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever.”

Native American proverb

"Sometimes a well-crafted story can even transform a seemingly hopeless situation into an unexpected triumph.”

Peter Guber, Chairman and CEO of Mandalay Entertainment

"I've worked with several marketing-type consultants in the past and have been consistently disappointed in their lack of true insight and helpful guidance. Your work is an entirely different story - and the results are already amazing."

Heather Krause, Datassist

"Those who tell the stories rule the world.”

Native American proverb

“Working with Woden was a catalyst to make us really look at our mission and values. It forced us to look at who we are and what we want to become.”

Rob Guzzo, Handcrafted Honey Bee

"Storytelling reveals meaning without committing the error of defining it.”

Hannah Arendt, philosopher

Not Convinced?

The only way to stand out in this torrent of information is to be relevant, helpful, and, above all, inspiring.

The conversation is happening now and your story is the key to rising above the chatter and traversing today’s media landscape with total confidence. Remember, a well-told story turns passive consumers into active evangelists for your brand.  With Woden, you’ll capitalize on this new paradigm and reap the rewards that the world’s best companies already enjoy.  Woden doesn’t simply deliver sales, we deliver salespeople.

Stories We've Had the Pleasure of Telling


The complicated work of compliance in restaurant kitchens is difficult, but essential to food safety and quality. Solutions were entirely analog, until Squadle came along. They provide automated monitoring that increases transparency, consistency and helps franchise operators predict problems before they happen. Woden’s comprehensive Story Guide gave them the roadmap they needed to tell this story and scale their business to some of the world’s largest fast-casual dining brands.

Services Provided

  • StoryKernel
  • Story Guide

“We now see how we should be talking about our business in a completely different way.”

Le Zhang, Founder & CEO


Ryver is a powerful team communications platform that is free to use. The company had established itself by drawing comparisons to a competitor, but to achieve mass-market adoption, they needed to pivot toward messaging that could stand on its own. Woden not only developed this narrative, but illustrated how to integrate it into the entire business through StoryGuide.

Services Provided

  • StoryKernel
  • StoryGuide

“I am enjoying the StoryGuide very much. It’s very timely for me. Thanks for great work!”

Pat Sullivan, CEO and Founder

Bluecoat Gin

Celebrating 10 years in business. Expansion into several new state markets. An exclusive on-site sponsorship of the Democratic National Convention. The opening of their new distillery. Bluecoat American Dry Gin was on the precipice of their biggest growth phase ever, and they needed a partner who could fuel that while capturing the unique personality and charm that defines the independent spirit.

Services Provided

  • StoryKernel
  • Amplify
  • Custom work: Democratic National Convention on-site activation

“I feel as though you really understand our voice.”

Andrew Auwerda, President


Poken has developed the market-leading event engagement platform. Their combination of hardware, software and advanced analytics has been benefitting Fortune 500 companies for years. They hired Woden to refine their narrative for the youth and sports market, and lead a reorientation toward the hundreds of opportunities that lay there.

Services Provided

  • StoryKernel
  • Engage
  • Custom work: market segmentation, & buyer personas

“I can’t believe you guys worked through the holiday to get everything done!”

Steve Smith, Director of Business Development

Dorado Systems

Dorado Systems is dedicated to disrupting the healthcare EDI market. The firm needed a way to communicate its highly technical products in an engaging way, and establish emotional resonance beyond features and benefits. Woden has made Dorado more than just another electronic data servicer, resulting in more engagement and more actionable sales leads.

Services Provided

  • StoryKernel
  • Amplify
  • Engage
  • Custom work: web copy, sales collateral, & trade shows

“I couldn’t do what you guys do if you paid me $1MM.”

Ed Kennedy, CEO


Being the upstart in a competitive market with a single, dominant player means a powerful message is all the more important. SoldierSocks, a nonprofit that outfits injured veterans with medical devices to help them live fuller lives, had an amazing story on its own. What it needed was to get that story in front of the right potential donors, and in a way that excited empathy to action.

Services Provided

  • StoryKernel
  • Amplify

“I love the posting you’re doing on Facebook. Great work!”

Chris Meek, Founder

Freedom Mortgage

After nearly 25 years of experience as one of the nation’s top five mortgage lenders, Freedom Mortgage wanted to attack the small business lending market. It saw a natural synergy with its residential lending programs, but needed to create a new line that was as distinct as its audience. Freedom came to Woden to develop the narrative with a StoryKernel and the plan to Amplify that narrative, and Engage the best prospects.

Services Provided

  • StoryKernel
  • Amplify
  • Engage
  • Custom work: sales collateral, web copy, print ads, & trade shows

“I’m a banker. You guys understand how to speak to and reach my customers — that’s why I lean on you for that advice.”

Robert Dwyer, Executive Vice President

Sotheby’s International Realty

A storied Sotheby’s franchise in New Jersey with a 60-year history dominated its market through traditional media. The founders of the firm knew it was time to move into the future and embrace content marketing as a discipline, so they engaged Woden to refine their message with a StoryKernel, and Amplify it to their prospects through great storytelling.

Services Provided

  • StoryKernel
  • Amplify
  • Custom work: print planning and design

“This is everything I had hoped it would be.”

Judson Henderson, Managing Member

North Shore-LIJ Health System

Staten Island University Hospital, part of the North Shore-LIJ Health System, wanted to take health care beyond its four walls. To reduce admissions and help foster a more healthy community, the hospital wanted to develop a message that would resonate with Staten Islanders on how to live better and embrace preventative behaviors.

Services Provided

  • StoryKernel
  • Amplify
  • Custom work: marketing analysis and plan

“Managing social accounts is a job in and if itself.  Working with Woden allows us to focus on being directly responsive to the members of the community, while being confident our messaging is in good hands.”

John Demoleas, Vice President Development & External Affairs

Hubbell Inc.

CHANCE® Helical Piles preserve the foundations of a home and save homeowners thousands in insurance each year. Hubbell, the manufacturer of CHANCE, engaged Woden to reach those homes most likely to benefit from having these piles installed. Woden developed an innovative Engage campaign, supplemented with direct mail,  using a custom online presence, floodsafe.me, to capture and nurture leads.

Services Provided

  • StoryKernel
  • Engage
  • Custom work: direct mail

“I love Woden’s clean approach and great hooks in their writing.”

Meghanne Zimmerman, Marketing Specialist


How does a startup stand out among a field of similar young companies? Nooch engaged Woden to survey the market of electronic payment providers and develop the messaging most likely to set it apart. Once that message was developed, Woden created and executed a plan of content creation and social media outreach to attract users and buzz to the Nooch mobile payments platform.

Services Provided

  • StoryKernel
  • Amplify

“Solid work! I can’t believe we were able to increase Facebook likes so quickly!”

Cliff Canan, CEO and founder

Handcrafted Honey Bee

Handcrafted Honey Bee is a pioneer in the do-it-yourself home healthcare and beauty industry. High quality products won the company dedicated fans, but it needed to reach the millions of potential customers who had never heard of this segment. It engaged Woden to develop a message that would spread with virility in the DIY market, and to develop a plan to make sure it was known to all the key players in the space.

Services Provided

  • StoryKernel
  • Custom work: marketing plan

“We’ve been really happy with the collaborative process that has been developing between us. It’s a good combination of our vision and your keen insights. We’re looking forward to seeing where this takes us next!”

Stacia Guzzo, Founder

Sound Good?

With each step, the foundations we lay together are carefully considered and applied, ensuring that your tale is not just affecting and memorable but cohesive as well. This holistic approach yields a brand story that inspires your audience and transforms them from passive consumers to engaged evangelists of your story. Your clients don’t just buy what you do, they buy why you do it. And that’s why Woden is in the storytelling business. Want to learn more? If so, then click here to download our white paper on Story Telling for Businesses.

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