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ReFirm Labs Acquired by Microsoft

Woden client ReFirm Labs, a cybersecurity firm specializing in firmware, has been acquired by Microsoft.  

Launched in 2017 by former NSA employees Terry Dunlap and Peter P. Eacmen III, ReFirm’s Binwalk Enterprise platform provides security tools for connected devices in the Internet of Things, using an automated approach to identify system vulnerabilities and suggest fixes. 

Woden worked with the founders to position Binwalk (then called Centrifuge) as a proactive solution to security threats faced by businesses, manufacturers, and consumers alike. 

After identifying ReFirm’s moral—the best defense is a good offense—Woden developed brand pillars that aligned all of the startup’s operations behind that purpose to position the company as a mentor to global technology leaders. With sales, customer engagement, and internal culture embodying this purpose, Woden showed how ReFirm could engage its market by positioning the platform as an essential tool for organizations of all sizes and levels of expertise. 

In 2019, following Woden’s engagement, ReFirm raised $2 million in pre-A funding. 

“We want to thank our customers, partners, employees, and investors for their trust and dedication to ReFirm over the past few years,” ReFirm said in a blog post announcing the acquisition. “We are excited to take Binwalk to the next level as part of Microsoft and can’t wait for you to see all the great things we will build together!” 

Woden congratulates ReFirm Labs on its tremendous success as a startup and is eager to watch the team’s success continue as part of Microsoft’s organization.