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How marketers can cut back on inefficient time with social media

The folks at the Buffer blog explain just how much time social media sucks out of our lives:

Social media is a huge time vortex. According to Business Insider, “Americans spend more time on social media than any other major Internet activity, including email.” In one survey, American adults spend an average of 3.2 hours a day using social networks!

This data is shocking enough, but it gets even more interesting:

  • Business owners spend 50% more time on social media than non-business owners.
  • Senior executives and business decision-makers spend 40% more time on social media than those not in such positions.

Of all business professionals, those who spend the most time on social media are marketing professionals. A survey by Social Media Examiner discovered how much time marketers spend weekly on social media.

The tips Buffer outlines to cut back on ineffective time are pretty strong. Another option would be to outsource (or, as we call it “team-source”) your social media marketing to an advertising agency that could do it much more efficiently.