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Say Less, Sell More.

We’ve all met the fast-talking, extroverted salesperson. Always the center of attention, this backslapper could go on for hours about the benefits of his product or business to anyone within earshot. And get a few hearty laughs doing it.

A lot of businesses have tried to copy this approach in their marketing. This translates into a constant flood of promos, appeals, and pitches to as large an audience as possible.

But how effective is this, really?

Nowadays, customers don’t want to be “sold”. They want to buy. On their terms.

In this new world, smart businesses can actually sell more by saying less. Here’s how:


We’ve all heard the old adage that we have two ears and one mouth for a reason: to listen twice as much as we speak. Businesses should take this to heart and start to listen to their staff, customers, and partners in hopes of learning as much as possible.

This exercise will help you determine exactly what makes you valuable, which will serve as a foundation for more effective marketing. Who knows? Maybe you’ve overlooked something.

Refine Your Message

Now, it’s time to refine your messaging. Instead of going on non-stop about how great your firm is or why your product is the best, apply the lessons you’ve learned from listening.

People buy don’t just buy what you do, they buy because of why you do it. Your messaging should clearly convey this “why” to be truly effective.

Find the Right Audience

Not long ago, the strategy for marketing was to cast as wide a net as possible. More people who saw your message meant more potential customers.

But today’s audiences are numb to advertising. We’ve learned to tune it out, like wallpaper.

Instead of seeking the largest audience, find folks who are truly receptive to your message. With the explosion of social media and its accompanying customer data, it shouldn’t be hard to build an audience that closely mirrors your target market.

Make People Want To Listen

One thing that our salesman friend had right: People buy from people they like. This doesn’t mean your business needs to be the funniest or the most interesting. No, you just need to provide your audience with content that they will enjoy.

One day they’ll even start to seek it out.

Sound too good to be true? Consider the experience of Kraft: after years of blanketing homemakers with constant reminders to buy their products, they’ve turned their website into a DESTINATION for busy people looking for quick recipes.

If your marketing department is exhausted from working harder than it needs to, give Woden a call today. We help businesses of all sizes sell more by saying less by telling great stories to the right audiences.

We can’t wait to start listening for YOU!

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