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The Great Engage Artist: Create Meaningful Marketing that Reaches People Who Want Your Product

By Melissa Rodier

If you’re waiting for the memo about utilizing the internet to grow your brand and your customer base, I’m here to catch you up. First point is that you shouldn’t even be receiving memos anymore. Why aren’t you on a platform like Ryver or HipChat? Memos are so…. Some other decade from long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away.

The world is larger and smaller than it ever has been before. We all know information is at everyone’s fingertips. More importantly, connections are just a point and a click away. People want to connect to things, whether it’s their aunt in Ohio, their best friend in high school, their favorite actor, or a product that has changed their lives. There’s a satisfaction and a gratification people achieve when they are able to connect to the things they care about. Your product needs to make the cut for your customers.

Cold calling and purchased email lists have gone the way of the buffalo, as has that expression. Actually, going the way of the buffalo is probably a really good metaphor for cold calling and purchased mailing lists. Twenty years ago, these methods may have been effective, but they have been overused to the point of extinction. Not only are people wary of them, but thanks to the spam filters that exist on most email platforms, if you’re sending out campaigns from bought lists, chances are people are going to mark you as spam. If that happens enough, places like Gmail and Yahoo will begin to block anything coming from your email address and/or domain. As far as cold calling goes, thanks to caller ID and cell phones, most people don’t even pick up a number they don’t recognize. Often, cold calls disappear into a void of ignored calls and deleted voicemails. Without a voice in the new marketplace, you may as well be selling sunscreen in Siberia.

If you want to generate leads and convert potential customers into loyal brand advocates, you need to truly engage with your audience. Best of all. there are so many tools at your disposal to do exactly that.

Landing pages have become a patron saint of modern sales forces. They’re quick, sweet, and to the point. They exist for one reason and one reason only: to generate sales leads. There aren’t shiny links to distract your customer. You know what you do best, and your potential clients will gladly offer up their contact information for that free ebook or product catalog that shows off your expertise.

Your landing page, while trying to compel visitors to fill out the contact form, is also about your brand personality. Not all landing pages are made the same, and that’s for a very good reason. A company selling artisanal water will have a very different landing page from a company selling insurance policies. Both of these pages are selling a very different message and appealing to a very different audience. Your landing page should speak to your potential customer, make it impossible for them not to sign up for whatever you’re offering. Figure out who you’re selling to and what would speak to that audience, then craft your landing page around those ideas.

A well designed landing page can be used as the centerpiece of your social media advertising campaigns as well as your Google AdWords campaigns. Craft your ads, send all those clicking people to your landing page, and let the leads roll in. Internet advertising has made finding your audience easier than ever. It’s now possible to target potential audiences by demographics that would have been impossible pre-internet. Instead of just randomly planting seeds wherever they may fall, you can scout out the most fertile ground and truly see your efforts blossom.

When you’ve cultivated all the leads you’ve generated from your landing page and ads, it’s time to really get to work and start making your potential customers brand enthusiasts. The best way to go about this is with a nurture campaign.

A nurture campaign usually lasts about 40 days, depending on how your organization decides to pace its efforts, and it moves prospects through a marketing funnel via email marketing. The nurture campaign is a scalable sales approach that results in great sales leads that convert at a higher rate than traditional cold calls. The nurture sequence does just what the name suggests: It is about nurturing relationships with potential customers that will end in a sales conversion. The most successful nurture campaigns move through about five sequences: an introductory email, an email that positions you and your brand as thought leaders, a pivot to sale often in the form of a case study, content marketing that develops your position as a thought leader, and finally a warm hand-off where you send your potential customer away with a gift of some sort, such as a whitepaper. Not only does the nurture sequence build a scalable sales approach, it builds a relationship with the customer in a meaningful way.

People want to feel connected with the brands they use. They don’t want to receive information they didn’t ask for; all the information they want is there for them to discover on their own. Consumers are more pro-active in their activities now more than ever. The old approaches of cold calls and purchased mailing lists is not feasible. Just as the consumer can now discover the products and services that most fit their needs, companies can also seek out the prospects most likely to become conversions, and with the right kind of nurturing they will become brand advocates. Instead of chasing people who might not even want your product, let customers sign up for your sales pitch with a landing page they discover via the right digital advertising. Then just find the nurture sequence that works best for your organization and your product, and guide individuals from being leads to being converts.

At Woden, we practice what we preach. We’ve consolidated everything from the landing pages to the social media campaigns to the nurture sequence into what we call our Engage product. We do it for ourselves, we do it for clients, and it results in meaningful leads. As one of our founders discussed in his last blog post, the conversions we create with the Engage campaign combined with our narrative approach can be overwhelming to keep up with, to the point that Woden has brought on a handful of new people in the last month just to keep up with the demand generated. We’ve mastered the Engage sequence on our end, and if you are looking for more information about how Engage can work for your organization, well… Obviously we have a landing page, too.

Melissa Rodier is an Associate at Woden. Whatever your storytelling needs may be, let Woden help. Download our free StoryBlueprint, or send us an email at to discuss how we can help tell your story.