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PHILADELPHIA, PA—Strategic narrative agency Woden recently completed the second-best quarter in company history. The first period of 2019 was near-record thanks in large part to the addition of three new Wodenworkers, an ever-growing mix of diverse clients, and an intensive effort to undertake a rebuild of the company’s core product.

Ed Lynes, founding partner, noted: “The combination of our new Wodenworkers, the best version of our product we’ve ever had, and clients who push us to advance the art of brand storytelling daily makes me more excited about the future than at any point in our history.”

In creative services, a strong team is the foundation of all success. The three new team members, Rachel Fox, Michael Dea, and Kenly Craighill, join an existing team of six at the growing Philadelphia firm. With backgrounds ranging from traditional marketing and journalism, to fine arts and fashion, these new Wodenworkers bring a breadth of perspectives and varied skillsets to each engagement.

These new team members will help the agency service its growing client base. During the first quarter, Woden delivered seven StoryGuides™, a comprehensive work of brand storytelling that shows clients how to deploy their message holistically. Working with clients in industries ranging from cyber security and crafting paper, to utility services and relationship management software, Woden helped brands uncover their purpose and codify it using a narrative framework.

An additional seven clients have already begun projects slated to deliver during the second-quarter, well-positioning Woden to exceed first-quarter results.

In addition to the growth of the team, Woden launched a revamped version of the StoryGuide based on the feedback and learnings from past client engagements. Now streamlined and well-designed, client StoryGuides are a compilation of bespoke strategic recommendations and tactical implementation for how each company can align all aspects of its business behind its compelling brand story.

In Q2 and beyond, Woden looks forward to crafting the untold stories of companies across the United States and around the world to help them articulate why they exist—and why people should care. These stories drive brands forward and convert customers into brand evangelists.