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Your clients don’t just buy what you do, they buy why you do it. And story is the most effective way to communicate those values. Are you ready for us to help craft your story?

We’re artists and scientists

The science of story is rock-solid: stories designed the correct way are proven to excite the imagination, build trust, engage audiences, and spur commerce. Woden’s narrative architects are masters of the science of story, and combine it with the art of creativity to give brands messaging people can’t help but respond to.

Whether you’re looking to increase sales, refine your culture, raise capital or attract talent, the right brand story provides the framework for successful brands. Want to see how we do it, and how it’s worked for others?


The right brand story is more than just a way to introduce yourself to the world: it provides your organization with a framework for growth. Woden’s clients position themselves in a way that inspires their audiences, and use every interaction to reinforce the core story of the organization and fuel the type of growth competitors envy.


At the core of every brand is the purpose that propels them forward. Woden partners with brands to articulate this through the StoryKernel — a research-driven document that codifies your brand story following the narrative arc of the Hero’s Journey. The StoryKernel is informed by extensive research, including customer and team interviews, and is designed to be the framework for all of your brand’s messaging going forward.


To reap the full benefit of a compelling brand story, it must be implemented consistently across an organization. Woden helps brands implement their StoryKernel by writing their unique StoryGuide — the literal book on a brand. StoryGuide exceeds 300 pages and covers everything from sales talking points to content marketing strategy. It is everything you need to become a story-driven business.


In the oral tradition, each person who heard a story would add their own perspective when retelling it. This collaborative approach to storytelling ensured that stories evolved into their best, most compelling form. Woden’s StorySeminar taps into this same power of group storytelling. In both our traveling series or in a custom session for your brand, Woden’s story architects will help you develop your story, and facilitate the group in refining it to the most engaging form.

“The mistake people make is thinking the story is just about marketing. No, the story is the strategy. If you make your story better you make the strategy better.”

Ben Horowitz, Investor

"These are all the things we felt about our brand, but could not put into words. It's amazing to see them all in one place."

Jessica Baumgardner, B+YND

"Tell me the facts and I’ll learn. Tell me the truth and I’ll believe. But tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever.”

Native American proverb

"Sometimes a well-crafted story can even transform a seemingly hopeless situation into an unexpected triumph.”

Peter Guber, Chairman and CEO of Mandalay Entertainment

"I've worked with several consultants in the past and have been consistently disappointed in their lack of true insight and helpful guidance. Your work is an entirely different story — and the results are already amazing."

Heather Krause, Datassist

"Your brand is a story, a set of emotions and expectations and a stand-in for how we think and feel about what you do.”

Seth Godin, author and entrepreneur

"I would recommend Woden to anyone — except my competitors!"

Jay Altman, Arenus

"Storytelling reveals meaning without committing the error of defining it.”

Hannah Arendt, philosopher

Not Convinced?

Standing out amongst this deluge of content requires inspiring people to your cause — something only a well-told brand story can do.

Today’s methods of communication more closely resemble the oral tradition than any time in recorded history. In a world where everyone is an empowered content creator, every task in a business requires motivating others to advance your cause. Making them the hero of your brand story is the only proven way to do this. If your brand is working harder than ever telling people what it does, it’s time to step back and focus the story on why you do it.

Stories We've Had the Pleasure of Telling

Swift Financial

With the current financial system benefitting banks rather than small business owners, securing funding can be difficult. Banks control the process and the outcome of loan applications, other avenues to credit come with risks, and online platforms can lack trust, transparency, and the important human element. Small businesses had few options: until Swift Financial’s solution. Combining the convenience of an online platform with the trust and transparency that comes along with having a personal expert ready to help, Swift gives small businesses something they’d never had in the loan process before: control. Through StoryGuide and StoryKernel, Woden guided Swift Financial to focus in on that key differentiator and find the right messaging to tell their story.

*Swift Financial exited to PayPal in August 2017


  • Small Business Lending
  • FinTech

“Thanks for all of the help that you have given us. It certainly sharpened our story.”

Jay Lee, CMO


A healthy savings account has always been the hallmark of financial stability, though the process can be perceived as a punitive one. There are plenty of banking apps that allow users unprecedented access to their accounts but zero guidance to go along with it. Furthermore, can banking ever be, “fun?” Qapital is a tool that allows users to establish their own personal goals in an accessible and engaging way. Working quietly in the background, it empowers users to take ownership of their financial decisions. Woden’s StoryKernel and StoryGuide helped Qapital craft their brand’s voice to speak to the kind of free-spirited individuals for whom the platform was created.


  • Consumer FinTech
  • Mobile Apps
  • Banking

“We’re looking for more than downloads. We need to change behavior. This can do that.”

George Friedman, CEO


Exceptional employees power great organizations, but the recruiting process is imperfect, and hiring the right person can be hard. Attracting talent that will create long-term success requires more than matching a skill set to a job opening: it takes insight, precision, and a comprehensive approach. Beyond its product, Comeet seeks to redefine the recruiting process to be a collaborative one. Harnessing that power of collaboration, Woden helped Comeet’s story explain the importance of this human element is, and to succinctly describe the emotional argument for collaboration.


  • B2B SaaS
  • Productivity Solutions
  • Workflow Automation

“The StoryKernel was an incredibly valuable exercise to help us determine what made us different — and how to communicate that.”

Omer Tadjer, CEO


In the last 150 years, technology has changed the way we capture and share sound. This new, reproduced sound, however, has robbed us of the immersive experience that live, natural sound offers. Even for those who understood the emotional discrepancy, little could be done to replicate the power of authentic sound — until Auro. Auro enables recorded sound to feel natural, as it never has before. By delivering the truest sound, Auro makes listeners unsure of where the medium ends and they begin, and Auro needed messaging to invoke that emotional response before potential users even had a chance to listen for themselves. Through StoryKernel and StoryGuide, Woden helped Auro compel their target audience to request demonstrations.


  • Audio Technology
  • Entertainment

“The StoryKernel feels like us. Thanks much for the great work!”

Wilfried van Baelen, CEO


Few things kill a good idea like the inevitable delay between inception and development. The dated supply chain model does just this, along with wasting valuable resources, creating costly inventories, and hindering innovation. Instant gratification is required for a business to compete, and creators must find a way to reconcile speed with quality. Wazp makes this possible for businesses of any size by reimagining the supply chain using 3D printing — saving time, resources, and space. Wazp’s network is singular, so Woden helped to develop a message that would articulate something so out-of-step with the end user’s expectations.


  • 3d Printing
  • Digital Manufacturing & Distribution
  • Supply Chain Management

“Thank you for your enthusiasm and excitement. The StoryGuide is excellent and very inspiring — the product development and sales team already started implementing some aspects and reworking their messaging. We are all so excited to dig more into our story.”

Shane Hassett, Co-Founder & CEO


The success of the United States Armed Forces depends on the men and women serving in its five branches, who spend long periods apart from their loved ones. With assignments being sent out with only a moment’s notice — regardless of rank — this uncertainty makes it difficult for service members to connect with those who matter most to them. Sandboxx digitizes the time-consuming process of writing and sending letters, and makes booking military-related travel easy, so service members can stay connected to their loved ones better than ever before. Woden helped Sandboxx discover their true audience segments, and crafted a brand story that unified all new and upcoming products. In this way, Sandboxx can more effectively reach their core audience.


  • Social Network
  • Mobile Apps
  • Military

“The process and delivery has helped us immensely in how we think and will continue to think about Sandboxx as we move forward. It feels like we have completed a Master’s program in Sandboxx Branding.”

Sam Meek, Founder & CEO

Redis Labs

Businesses are built on data, and with digital information moving faster every day, latency is not an option. By leveraging the power of open source Redis, Redis Enterprise is uniquely constructed to meet this core need of the digital age, but its creator, Redis Labs, was struggling to define what made Redis Enterprise different than other NoSQL databases. Its messaging consisted of technical features and benefits, which, while accurate, lacked the ability to inspire its target audience. With Woden’s help, Redis Labs was able to focus its messaging around its core purpose and differentiator: empowering businesses to run fastest. Redis Labs needed succinct messaging to match its swift data delivery, and Woden’s StoryKernel and StoryGuide gave them that.


  • Database
  • Cloud Storage
  • Open Source Technology

“We really struggled to nail down our messaging, and now I feel we finally have it right.”

Manish Gupta, CMO

Grower’s Secret

The immutable factors of time, weather, region, and resources make it difficult for organic farmers to meet the strict regulations that are necessary to keep their certifications intact, while remaining profitable. They only get one chance at success per season. Grower’s Secret sells an organic fertilizer and bioenhancer that farmers can rely on to produce the healthiest and most abundant crops, while protecting the environment. Yet, despite a superior product, Grower’s Secret was having trouble turning their distributors into true evangelists of their brand. By partnering with Woden, Grower’s Secret was able to construct a narrative arc around its product, making the farmer the hero of its story. In doing so, Grower’s Secret was able to form instant emotional connections with channel partners to better reach the end user, resulting in three times more distributors signing on to carry the product.


  • AgTech
  • Chemicals & Fertilizer

“Our experience with the Woden team was excellent. Based on the ways they repositioned our brand, we’ve upgraded our website and our messaging, and noticed an immediate difference in the ways people have responded.”

Chaz Berman, CEO


More often than not, common healthcare procedures are needlessly uncomfortable and unnecessarily costly. Devices that visually assess the bladder, heart, lungs, and veins are difficult to use and inaccurate. EchoNous creates powerful, AI-driven imaging devices with the patient and practitioner in mind. With a cutting-edge product line, EchoNous was well versed in the technical advantages of its devices, but they needed an emotionally driven brand narrative to unify those who would be sharing EchoNous’s story. Woden’s StoryKernel and StoryGuide helped EchoNous develop that narrative and voice so that the entire team could have a renewed focus and work in alignment to compel wider adoption among its core audience.


  • Medical Devices
  • Healthcare

“I’m a believer. Now we need to embed this storytelling method into the entire company!”

Kevin Goodwin, CEO


The complicated work of compliance in restaurant kitchens is difficult, but essential to food safety and quality. Solutions were entirely analog, until Squadle came along. They provide automated monitoring that increases transparency and consistency, and helps franchise operators predict problems before they happen. Squadle is disrupting the difficult world of compliance, and seeking to make it easier for their audience to understand everything involved with it. Woden’s comprehensive Story Guide gave them the roadmap they needed to tell this story and scale their business to some of the world’s largest fast-casual dining brands.


  • B2B SaaS
  • Internet of Things
  • Retail Technology

“We now see how we should be talking about our business in a completely different way.”

Le Zhang, Founder & CEO

Bluecoat Gin

Named after colonial soldiers and crafted with the same independent spirit in mind, Bluecoat is anything but an “ordinary” gin. The brand needed a way to empower lovers of extraordinary gin to be evangelists for the Bluecoat cause. By establishing a powerful brand narrative, Woden helped Bluecoat determine what sets their brand apart from the dozens of other gins available, and provided guidance for how to distill that spirit into a compelling message. The result? A market-leading gin with a crowd of devoted followers.

*Bluecoat exited to Samson & Surrey in May 2017


  • Craft Alcohol
  • Wine & Spirits

“I feel as though you really understand our voice.”

Andrew Auwerda, President

Freedom Mortgage

After nearly 25 years of experience as one of the nation’s top five mortgage lenders, Freedom Mortgage wanted to attack the small business lending market. It saw a natural synergy with its residential lending programs, but needed to create a new line that was as distinct as its audience. Freedom came to Woden to hone in on their brand’s story and create succinct messaging to go along with it.


  • Mortgage (Wholesale)
  • Small Business Lending

“I’m a banker. You guys understand how to speak to and reach my customers — that’s why I lean on you for that advice.”

Robert Dwyer, Executive Vice President

Let's Get to Work

With each step, the foundations we lay together are carefully considered and applied, ensuring that your tale is not just affecting and memorable but cohesive as well. This holistic approach yields a brand story that inspires your audience and transforms them from passive consumers to engaged evangelists of your story. Want to learn more? We freely publish a guide for you to begin using our methodology yourself. And if you’re ready to bring in a partner to help, we’re happy to set up a call.

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