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9 Woden Clients Featured on 2022 Inc. 5000 List

The 9 Companies Rank Among the Fastest-Growing in America 


Nine Woden clients appeared on Inc. magazine’s yearly Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing, privately-owned companies in the United States. Each Woden client to make the latest iteration of the prestigious ranking has shown significant growth over the past three years. 

Each of these organizations trusted Woden to help them craft the clear, compelling strategic story that fueled their growth. 

897. Titanium Wireless (712 percent growth)

A wireless telecommunications carrier, Titanium Wireless worked with Woden to brand each of its services under a unique umbrella to consistently relay its values with rejuvenated impact for its customers. 

1,155. LASSO (563 percent growth) 

Woden worked with LASSO to embody unique positioning as a leader within the event industry in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic—by means of highlighting its role as an uniter and facilitator of relationships within the event community. 

2,026. Utility Concierge (296 percent growth) 

In removing the hassle and expenses for homebuyers, Utility Concierge reinforced its customer experience and messaging with Woden’s help, by focusing on solving the difficulties of utility setup and management.  

2,277. Sovereign Lending Group (257 percent growth) 

Licensed in 46 states, Sovereign Lending Group sought to leverage its brand story as it evolved from a small brokerage shop to a connected, aspirational, and invested firm with Woden serving as its mentor through the engagement. 

3,127. ChartSquad (172 percent growth) 

Championing for fair medical record access, ChartSquad relied on Woden to enhance priority for patients looking to take advantage of their basic civil rights, and to overhaul its visual brand identity to convey its sense of justice. 

3,605. ABCO Systems (143 percent growth) 

New Jersey-based ABCO Systems trusted Woden to institute its culture and customer experience by empowering a forward-thinking rebrand with tech-savvy, high-service language, and real-world applications. 

3,877. MarketScale (127 percent growth) 

Established as a platform for B2B community engagement, Woden provided the resources for MarketScale to create a video series to better implement its role as a mentor, its origin story, and how it connects brands within their communities. 

4,059. Clear Title Agency of Arizona (118 percent growth) 

As this award-winning residential and commercial title agency grew, Woden helped solidify its digital presence, strengthened its familial culture, and focused it’s messaging toward real estate professionals. 

4,266. Onepak (107 percent growth) 

Looking to expand into new markets and lines of business, Woden worked to enhance messaging for its product, ReturnCenter, a tech-enabled, carbon-neutral logistics platform for the betterment of the reverse logistics industry. 


Each Woden engagement leverages a carefully-honed research process to craft an organization’s strategic story—and align all they do behind that message. These 9 companies have exemplified the impact that transformation has on a brand, and its ability to lead in its industry. 


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