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Chargebee Raises Series D Round

Woden client Chargebee announced today that it raised $14 million in Series D round funding led by Steadview Capital. To date, the company has reached a level of almost $40 million in fundraising. 

Chargeebee is a SaaS company centered around subscription management. Its platform includes billing automation, recurring payments, accounting and analytics tools to streamline the billing process. The recent funds acquired will support continued product development as well as efforts to form partnerships with companies seeking an end-to-end solution for managing revenue cycles. 

Chargebee engaged Woden in 2019 for guidance on reaching customers and defining its brand. For many SaaS companies, competitors aren’t always the problem. Instead, lack of product awareness builds a wall between companies and potential customers. Woden helped Chargebee understand and clarify its purpose, as well as provided a compelling way for Chargebee to share its product and story with customers. 

In an industry targeting growth opportunities, SaaS companies tend to get bogged down with operational hurdles that stilt growth and have a negative rippling effect across the company. In developing Chargebee’s brand story, Woden positioned the company as a mentor, enabling Chargebee to enter the fray with a subscription management product that would enable revenue drivers to focus solely on growth and regain control over their revenue cycles.  

Woden congratulates Chargebee on its achievement and is happy to have worked with the firm on its path to success.