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Growth Internally and Externally: Woden Roars Out of a Successful Q4

There’s no question that 2020 was not the year any company expected. Like many companies, Woden faced challenges related to work from home, adjustments to product and service offerings, and the overall economic environment. In the midst of a turbulent time, we leaned on our two greatest strengths: the clients we serve and our impassioned team of Wodenworkers.

The result was our best quarter—ever—in the fourth quarter of 2020. Woden was engaged by nine new companies during the quarter, while delivering for an additional dozen.

“While I’m exceptionally proud of our business development efforts, the real win in the last quarter was the work we delivered for our clients. It’s never been more important for organizations to define who they are and why they matter and connect their audiences with that story in a clear, compelling way,” according to Woden’s managing partner Ed Lynes.

To support this growth in 2021, Woden is both adding new team members, and creating leadership opportunities for long-tenured ones. We are excited to announce the promotion of two team members:

Fred Osu is being promoted to Director of Business Development. Fred has played a leading role in sales and growth efforts since he joined Woden in 2018 as its first dedicated account representative.

Hannah Landers, who joined as an associate on the creative team in 2017, has been promoted to Director of Product. She will immediately begin leading a revision of the StoryGuide, Woden’s blueprint for implementing a brand story, and own product development for the company overall, including the launch of the StoryAccelerator product.

The promotions were announced by Ed during the company’s annual team meeting January 22: “Hannah and Fred have been the foundation for Woden’s success. We’re able to deliver and serve the clients we have today thanks to their creativity, insight, and commitment, and I couldn’t be more excited for them to lead us into the future.”