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Page 1 Hosts Woden Partner Ed Lynes

Today, The Page 1 Podcast, hosted by Luke Peters, aired an interview with Woden Partner Ed Lynes on what it takes to craft a compelling brand story. 

The Page 1 Podcast airs weekly episodes with interviews from thought leaders discussing topics in the marketing and sales space. 

In the episode, Lynes discusses actionable areas where brands can make changes in their messaging. First, brands should consider the entry point of the customer, how they first engage with the brand. Second, email campaigns, and third customer service, also known as the customer experience. 

In launching brands into the thinking process, Lynes notes that “there’s a hierarchy to decision-making. It’s almost entirely emotional.”  So, he directs brands to ruminate on some questions: What’s the purpose of the brand? Why does the brand exist? How can the brand communicate its purpose? The crux is one moral, or strategic element that everything else – origin story, copy – builds around. 

Once brands have the answers to these questions, they can nail down their elevator pitch. 

Armed with some new tips strategies to try out with their brands, Lynes leaves listeners with his philosophy on marketing: “To me, great marketing is just about understanding a business, and understanding how it relates to people.” 

Tune in with the link above. This episode is also available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.