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Purpose—and Potential

It’s Time to Build Something F*cking Big

More than 300 companies have engaged Woden to develop their StoryKernel and transform into a brand that is essential to their prospects and customers. We’re excited to share a new structure to our engagements that will allow companies of any size to craft their own strategic narrative. 

Woden kicked off 2023 with an offsite to reflect and plan for the coming year. Despite back-to-back years of 50 percent revenue growth, when we discussed our mission—to transform purposeful companies into essential brands—it was obvious Woden was falling well short of its potential. For every great client partnership, we turned away 10 clients for whom Woden wasn’t a fit.

That selectivity was at odds with our own belief that every company needs a compelling brand story to thrive. For the last two months, the Woden team has been working to develop an approach to the StoryKernel that would both keep our promise to make brands essential and be accessible to companies of any size.

The StoryKernel process discovers what makes a company valuable, and defines that in a customer-centric strategic story. It ensures a brand is differentiated, has a clear customer persona, and urgent pain points it solves for them. Woden’s new approach achieves those outcomes in a way affordable to even the smallest business. And, yes, still written by a real human (not ChatGPT).

This new approach to the StoryKernel—available to companies with fewer than 10 employees and less than $1MM in funding or revenue—uncovers the essential element of a company’s story in five weeks. And we’re so confident of that, we’ll refund the engagement fee if it doesn’t (a guarantee we’re now extending to all of our projects). Affordable and risk-free, this new approach gives even the smallest company the ability to develop an efficient sales funnel and win in their market.

The opportunity to serve companies of all sizes means Woden can finally reach its potential. As a result, our team has set a big f*cking goal for ourselves:

To establish brand story as the foundation of any successful organization. 

Making the StoryKernel accessible to any company is the first step of this. Now we’re on a quest to show companies that a strategic narrative is as essential as their website, logo, or any of the other core elements they can’t live without. And based on how stories have moved and inspired people throughout history, even more so.

We’ve seen first-hand how the StoryKernel has driven our clients to multi-billion dollar valuations, sales records, and successful exits. And now we’re excited to put the power of a strategic narrative in the hands of any company who wants to be equally essential.