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Squadle Raises Series A Round Funding

Woden client Squadle announced today that it secured Series A financing, which will allow it to both expand its product line and increase customer experience efforts.

Squadle is a technology company that builds flexible, user-friendly applications that enable restaurants, convenience stores, and retailers to streamline complex operations and food safety compliance. Squadle Checklists has stored more than one billion records and completed tasks, while Squadle ZeroTouch has measured over 40 million bluetooth temperatures.

Squadle engaged Woden in 2015, and was the second-ever StoryGuide written. At the time, company founder Le Zhang had just gained Squadle’s initial toehold in the restaurant market, and wanted the right messaging to achieve the type of sales growth that would carry the company forward.

Woden helped Squadle capture the high-stakes, fast-paced culture of quick service dining: one where small problems can spiral out of control, leading to significant capital loss, food spoilage, health code violations, or angry customers. By positioning restaurant managers as the hero of the brand’s story, Woden helped Squadle communicate how it empowers its customers to create order in a chaotic environment.

Ultimately, the story served as a tool for the Squadle team to accelerate growth while keeping the company focused on its purpose and customers in. Woden is excited to have played a small role keeping food service safer and more efficient through partnering with Squadle.