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Stories at Work: Build HR with your brand

By Kim Palagyi

Whatever the unique needs of your business, ultimately people fulfill them. People work for you, with you, and champion your products and brand. Your internal story is crucial for your business to grow past its initial conception. And therefore should encompass all the nuances and aspects of your corporate culture that compel your employees to remain invested and aligned in who you are and why you do what you do. Without this internal investment, there will be no foundation for your company to grow, and no story for your company to center itself around.

Storytelling is as important to your brand as it is to internal operations. From onboarding to retaining employees, establishing your internal story as a business will become vital as employees come and go. The successful establishment of a company story is seen within some of the most well known companies on earth. Aim like them to maintain an aligned mission, while championing a key theme.

Make a Mission

The North Face’s company mission, to inspire a global movement of outdoor exploration and conservation, is exemplified by every one of their employees. Employees are given the opportunity to hike, ski, and climb on company-led excursions to ignite personal development and passion for the outdoors. Not only does The North Face supply outdoor enthusiasts with products, but the company also actively advocates for their workforces’ involvement in outdoor adventure and therefore stays true to who they are as a company.

Onboard the Right Way

Facebook’s unique onboarding process, a six-week mentorship called Engineering Bootcamp, allows the company to quickly and efficiently absorb new candidates with potential to maintain and grow the company’s prestige. Likewise, the onboarding prevents the erosion of a company’s culture over time, as new employees can make connections across departments and reinvest in the company. The onboarding process is a proactive measurement through which new hires will effectively learn and align with Facebook’s core mission in the most efficient way possible.

Let Your Company’s Uniqueness Shine Through

Not only should a company’s internal story be coherent and saturating, but also it should be idiosyncratically aligned with your business’ personality. Progressive does just that, with The Progressive Art Collection. Progressive’s offices are curated with a reputable and growing contemporary art collection including more than 7,500 pieces of artwork. By pursing art, Progressive is promoting a culture accepting of an “unique confluence of people, values, and aspirations while encouraging the pursuit of innovation and change”.  The Progressive Art Collection shows a dedication to Progressive’s human capital that strengthens who the company is internally.

Showcasing a central mission statement, company uniqueness, and onboarding properly speak to the importance of establishing central values of which to align your company around. Storytelling is ultimately the ability to articulate who you are in order to reinforce why you do what you do. The North Face, Facebook, and Progressive do just that, reinforcing who they are through company-wide tactics that are as unique as their brands. Whatever your method, company alignment is a crucial component of budding success and longevity.

Kim Palagyi is an Associate at Woden. Whatever your storytelling needs may be, let Woden help. Download our free StoryGuide, or send us an email at to discuss how we can help tell your story.