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STRATIS IoT Acquired by RealPage

Woden client STRATIS IoT announced today that it was bought by RealPage, a real estate software and data analytics company based in Richardson, Texas. 

STRATIS is multifamily IoT firm. Many technologies that aim to make multifamily living more efficient end up being difficult for property managers to deploy and manage. STRATIS is the IoT platform built specifically with the complexities of multifamily in mind, and with more than 380,000 multifamily units across Europe, Asia, North America and Latin America using STRATIS’ product, Woden celebrates this great success for their firm. 

STRATIS engaged Woden in 2018. Like many innovative technology brands, STRATIS was looking for a way to communicate the value of its smart home systems in an emotional way. Woden helped STRATIS position property managers as the brand’s hero, offering them control over tenant experience—where previously they only had responsibility. 

Woden crafted STRATIS’ story around its purpose: Empowering property managers to control all aspects of the tenant experience. This purpose came from the vision of STRATIS’ CEO, Felicite Moorman, and helped multifamily owners understand the value of STRATIS to their properties.  Ultimately, the story became a framework to keep the STRATIS team—already defined by a unique, engaging, collaborative culture—aligned with the company’s growth plan, and now successful exit. 

STRATIS is a firm with dynamic leadership, an innovative product, and a dynamic team; Woden is grateful to have played a role bringing those things together into a more defined role, and helping the company achieve its potential.