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Swift Financial Acquired by PayPal

Today, Paypal announced that its acquisition of Woden client Swift Financial is complete. With the added capabilities of Swift, PayPal plans to increase access to financing options for small business owners.  

Prior to the acquisition, Swift Financial operated as a financial institution offering loans and credit to small business owners. 

Swift engaged Woden in 2016 to help them develop a brand story that would distinguish them from competitors and spur growth. 

Positioning Swift as a partner who understands that business owners know their business best, Woden painted Swift as an alternative creditor that exhibits transparency and offers services with a personal touch, putting decision-making in the hands of customers.    

Ultimately, this story became the basis for Swift’s main product LoanBuilder. Woden is excited to see how PayPal utilizes Swift’s brand and product suite to continue empowering small business owners.