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The Power to Tell Your Own Story

To transform into an essential brand, your company must be the storyteller your audience wants

Strategic narrative transforms a company into an essential brand. Woden’s engagements provide the framework for that transformation: the StoryKernel defines the foundational brand story, the StorySeminar aligns the team behind it, the StoryGuide provides a blueprint for its use across the customer journey, and StoryAccelerator ensures the brand puts the story into action.

For a StoryKernel to reach its potential, it must be woven into the very fabric of a company. Woden believes that tight integration between the strategic narrative and the day-to-day work of the business must be championed internally.

Today, we’re ready to announce the latest version of StoryAccelerator. The new StoryAccelerator is designed to empower companies to advance their own story as they become an essential brand.

Our new approach is built around a Storyteller identified by each Woden client: a strategic leader who is the steward of the company’s story. The Storyteller is passionate about the strategic narrative and has the authority to lead the company’s transformation into an essential brand.

Historically, Woden’s most successful engagements have an individual partner on the client team with these attributes. The new StoryAccelerator formalizes this role and will develop them into a master Storyteller.

The Storyteller is an extension of Woden within the client’s organization. Client Storytellers are onboarded in the same way as our full-time brand storytellers at Woden: they become experts in our proprietary messaging hierarchy and at leveraging the StoryKernel throughout their business: in sales, marketing, customer experience and more.

Onboarding for the Storyteller happens throughout their company’s engagement with Woden. The Storyteller’s growing expertise fosters peer-level collaboration throughout the project—and more valuable, ready-to-use outputs as a result.

StoryAccelerator ensures the StoryKernel is used to differentiate a company, communicate its value, and develop a more efficient sales funnel. This is achieved through a measurable Transformation plan crafted jointly by Woden and the client Storyteller.

Each Transformation plan involves multiple coaching and collaboration sessions per month, a peer group with other Woden clients, and a content library. Woden also provides the Storyteller with direct support to align their work with the StoryKernel and optimize their sales funnel—such as capturing voice of the customer and reviewing sales content (such as demos or playbooks).

For Storytellers who require additional resources, Woden can more extensively support Transformation plans:

•  Activation of the StoryGuide: Woden provides Storytellers with copywriting, playbooks, product naming, capabilities statements and more to ensure the content of the StoryGuide is fully utilized within 90 days of delivery.

•  Partner Network: Woden has assembled a network of specialist agencies with intimate knowledge of our storytelling framework. This ensures Acceleration of big projects the Storyteller is driving inside the company. Partner expertise includes web design, visual brand, PR, demand generation, and more.

Across nearly 300 engagements, we’ve seen incredible successes—and yes, a few StoryGuides that never made it off the shelf. Each iteration of StoryAccelerator has been designed to help a higher percentage of clients get increasingly higher value out of their work with Woden.

We have seen that while the StoryKernel is the foundation of an essential brand, a passionate, knowledgeable Storyteller is the catalyst that makes that transformation possible. With this latest iteration of StoryAccelerator we’re putting those Storytellers in the most supported position possible—and preparing them to lead their organization to the leading position in their market.