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World Champs Podcast Hosts Woden Partner Ed Lynes

Woden Partner Ed Lynes appeared today on Claremont Lincoln University’s World Champs podcast to discuss how brands can use storytelling to make meaningful connections with customers. 

Hosted by Arbazz Nizami and Rina Dakanay, the bi-monthly podcast features interviews with creative business leaders whose work drives social change. 

In the episode, Lynes discusses how his entrepreneurial pursuits led him to develop Woden’s unique narrative approach to marketing, which leverages the inherent drama of the Hero’s Journey arc to foster emotional bonds between brands and consumers. 

“Most people think of storytelling purely as an art form,” said Lynes. “The fact is there’s an enormous amount of science behind how you craft compelling stories.”  

As human brains naturally respond to the Hero’s Journey arc, brands can adopt the narrative to communicate their value to audiences in a memorable way. 

Lynes likened Woden’s process to Michelangelo’s approach to sculpting, explaining that crafting a brand story involves chiseling away excess information to reveal the narrative already situated at the core of a business. According to Lynes, it’s intent listening that makes that discovery possible. 

Lynes’ passion for helping businesses overcome barriers to growth shaped Woden’s purpose: to provide the clarity and confidence organizations need to unlock their potential.  

“There have been too many companies with great products who fail” said Lynes. “Nine times out of ten it’s because they have a problem with their messaging. We want to give every organization a way to build a meaningful, powerful connection with their audience and turn those folks into evangelists for the brand,” he said. 

Listen to the episode here. It is also available on iTunes and Spotify.