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Welcome to the Newest Wodenworkers

Woden has ended the first half of 2021 with two record-breaking quarters. After adding Julia Hirsch and Eric Harrison as full-time Wodenworkers in Q1, Woden is adding two more as it charges into Q3. Logan Krum and Emma Seely are set to add their diverse skills and experiences to the existing team of brand storytellers. 

 Julia Hirsch joined the client development team after three years in sales and event production. In just a few short months, Julia has played a major role in landing a half-dozen new accounts. Eric Harrison is joining the team right out of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where he studied organizational communications. He’s already been instrumental in refining Woden’s internal workflow and creative processes. Both Eric and Julia played critical roles advancing Woden in the second quarter. 

They are now joined by Logan Krum, who served as an associate editor at a weekly newspaper for four years before joining Woden. Logan graduated from Temple University in 2016 and brings a reporter’s natural curiosity and insightfulness to the company. 

Emma Seely has filled various editor’s roles at newspapers and magazines and worked as a writing tutor after graduating from the University of New Orleans with a Masters in Fine Arts. Emma is a versatile writer who supports her natural storytelling style with a strong research background.  

Woden is still expanding its team to meet the needs of a growing client roster. After closing 2020 with the strongest quarterly results in its history, Woden surpassed that record in the first quarter 2021, and then surpassed the Q1 result by 50 percent at the close of the second quarter on June 30. 

 “Companies have seen increased competition for talent and increased expectations from customers all year. It’s not surprising that many organizations see their story as critical to addressing these challenges,” said Woden managing partner Ed Lynes. “A clear, compelling brand story ensures a company can build an emotional connection with its audience, and we’re seeing that across our entire client base, both globally and in a number of verticals.” 

Woden is currently seeking more client development and creative team members. If you’re interested in joining the team, please contact either Fred Osu or Rachel Fox.