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How B2B Startups Should Use Branding to Differentiate Themselves and Accelerate Growth

Woden’s founder and managing partner, Ed Lynes recently joined Neil Patel on the Growth Vertical podcast to discuss how startups can use branding to differentiate and accelerate growth. When looking to grow a start-up effectively–it’s important to have a brand and storytelling strategy in place. For B2B startups, this can be a great differentiator in how prospects view working with you and what your vision and mission are when up against your competitors.  

“A great brand creates that emotional response in its audience that is going to drive people forward and connect them to the organization.” – Ed Lynes

Neil Patel is an International Growth Marketer that helps tech startups and SMEs find the right marketing mix through testing and scaling to generate leads, sales, and overall growth. Neil founded the Growth Vertical podcast, a place where people leading their careers, entrepreneurial goals, or running businesses can come to learn strategies and tactics in digital marketing, advertising, and personal development. Neil and his guests use this space to share insights, experiences, and stories to help others step outside their comfort zones to reach the next vertical point in their journey and find ways to growth-hack themselves, their careers, or their businesses in the most effective ways.   

“The real economy is not money right now, it’s attention. You can find money pretty easily these days, whether you’re raising or borrowing, but the one thing that is really competitive, the resource that’s scarce is attention. People are just so drawn across all these different screens, different devices, and different messaging apps. You’re never going to cut through that noise with a laundry list of things or something that sounds like everything else.” – Ed Lynes

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